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First-person perspective with full tissue Giza is mapped 3D adventure game.


"Giza tissue is a complete first-person-perspective adventure game with 3D mapped."
indir.biz Editor: Giza is a full-tissue with a first-person perspective 3D game will match. In the Middle East as a research scientist on the project, the Egyptian pyramids will be destroyed soon noticed that big. Secrets lie within the pyramids can save them. Before it is too late to collect Personal Information must's You. But be careful: you can get yourself killed. Giza is full of secrets, gold and dangers. Tricks, traps and poor residents Pyramids will try to stop you. 25 levels of mystery and adventure and we can help you navigate the magic elixir special ring, transporters, secret passageways found. Giza, including the editor, which allows you to create levels of the game itself. They can be downloaded later for others enjoyment Internet. This version fixes several bugs and is accelerated PowerPC. Now you can free download Giza 2.1.7.

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